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DJ Legends Of Ibiza

The Spanish island of Ibiza is something like Mecca to all party lovers. Wonderful weather, incredibly beautiful landscape, the gorgeous sunsets, ocean breeze in your face, millions of parties, top-notch clubs, professional bartenders, and the best DJs – these factors shaped the face of Ibiza one of the luxurious and[…]

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What is Hip Hop?

Hip Hop arrived on the American dance and music scene in the 1970s. The word hip was already a common word in both English and American slang that meant trendy or fashionable. And added to the word hop the term was then used to describe a movement that brought together[…]

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How to Mix as a DJ

Any DJ worth his salt has to be able to mix, and the great dance DJs make their living in remixing old and new tracks and to create almost a new song entirely. In fact, using old beats and remastering classic tracks is almost a prerequisite for any budding DJ[…]

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Why Vinyl is Still Better Than Digital

Fans of vinyl music are hard to persuade that any other form of music storage can hold a candle to it. For those that grew up with a single album, it was more than just listening to music. It was a cultural thing flicking through the album covers in record[…]

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The Top Earning DJ’s in 2019

DJs became the top music superstars of the 21st century and they call themselves the actual artists themselves. Some people have a skeptical opinion about the DJs and the overall fast-changing pop culture. However, the top DJs must be as creative as many other music brands or performing artists.

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9 Female DJs & Producers

World just commemorated the International Women’s day and here we are celebrating talented female DJ’s and producers of underground music scene. This industry was always dominated by men, but now we have fantastic women who are mothers, wives, artists, producers and can take more roles at once winning awards, hosting[…]

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Coachella music festival

Music festivals in United States of America is and always was a part of youth culture. Looking back, famous ones were Woodstock’69, Newport Folk Festival. They were symbols of pure escapism.  Now there are dozens of festivals happening every year, they are different from music styles to themes and activities. […]

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House Music Icons: Popular Pioneers of Dance

Deadmau5 No doubt you have seen the huge circular head of a mouse with crossed-out eyes and a gaping open mouth. Hailing from Canada, the masked DJ known probably more for his striking image than his beats have been around since the late 90’s. With his hit ‘Ghosts n Stuff’[…]

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How to Get a Job in The Music Industry

The music industry encompasses many jobs and careers. It is therefore important that you recognize what specific area of the music industry you are interested in. You may not be sure at first as to what exactly you are passionate about. This will mean you need to investigate what opportunities[…]

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How to Break into a Career as a DJ

You may not think that becoming a DJ is difficult; after all, it looks so easy. However, it is more challenging than it appears, and it is difficult to make a career of it. Here we offer some advice on tips on how you can break into a career as[…]

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