9 Female DJs & Producers

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9 Female DJs & Producers

World just commemorated the International Women’s day and here we are celebrating talented female DJ’s and producers of underground music scene. This industry was always dominated by men, but now we have fantastic women who are mothers, wives, artists, producers and can take more roles at once winning awards, hosting shows and gigs going around the world and inspiring other young girls to fill music scene with femininity.


She is amazingly talented grime artist.  Flohio is a 25 years old fierce rapper from United Kingdom. Over the last year she worked harder than anyone else and earned her place on the scene by releasing bomb trackers one after another. The latest was called “Bandage”. Keep an eye on her, because there is much more coming your way.


She is known just as Lucy, but her full name is Lucy Helyer. She’s based in Bristol and is one of the most promising female DJs at the moment. Lucy plays sets and creates own productions infused with dubstep and UKG (UK garage) vibes. This gorgeous woman is a part of 6 Figures Gang which have young rising talents under their roof. She hosts shows on Rinse FM radio station too.


Ones that are fans of London clubs should know her and her music because of futuristic sounds, nods to classic R&B and notes of Bollywood film influences. Sherelle works with Night Slugs and Fade 2 Mind labels which are on top right now. Once you hear her at the club, your feet start to dance by itself, taken by late night grooves.


This artist released Cruel Practice last year which showed her personality with fierce lyrics and industrial beats. Shygirl has a contract with NUXXE record label, which signed amazing artists like Sega Bodega, Coucou Chloe and others. In the coming months she is going on the tour to Canada and United States.

Madam X

She is just perfect! One of the founders of Manchester’s club night, brain behind Kaizen records label, Alumni of Point-Blank music school. You can not imagine United Kingdom’s dance music scene without her. If there is a festival, she is in the lineup. Madam X has regular shows on BBC 1, Rinse FM, NTS radio stations.


Based in London and awarded with a title of Beats first newcomer and show host on Reprezent Radio, Naina is forward thinking artist and her DJ sets are filled with energy. She plays unique unheard edits of original classics that gives something fresh to today’s clubs. If you try to use Shazam app and search for a song, you will never find it. Naina is believer is being yourself and one of a kind. Listen her Boiler room sets, and you will understand what we mean.

Anna Lunoe

There are not that many DJs who also sings at their performance, but Anna is one of those talented multitaskers. Her vibe attracts thousands of people to her gigs and she also partnered with famous faces, like Chromeo, Daft Punk and Diplo.