Best Hobbies for Music Lovers

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Best Hobbies for Music Lovers

Whether you’re a musician, someone who is a huge fan of music, or simply someone who sings extremely loud to your favorite songs while in the shower, you probably can agree that music is something that has the potential to bring people closer together. Music is something that can bring out different emotions in a person. Music can make you happy, make you sad, and it can even make you reminisce. Music is a big part of life and our culture. The great thing about music is — you don’t have to be a trained musician or instrument player in order to make music a big part of your life. If you are a true music fanatic, there are plenty of things that you can do to stay in tune with your love for music. Here are the best hobbies for music lovers to partake in.


Even though most people like to make fun of karaoke or don’t really take it serious, there are some places that offer karaoke night and it is a serious matter. Sure, you might find some people who get up there because they were dared by their friends, but it isn’t uncommon to find really good singers participate in karaoke. Who knows, you could get on stage, get discovered and become the next Cher?

Joining a local band can be fun and rewarding

Joining a Choir or Band

If you are a member of a church, more than likely, they have a church choir. This could be a really good way to practice your vocal skills and stay in tune with your music side. If you’re not religious, however, maybe there is a local band of some sort that is looking for new members or perhaps, an understudy. Bands are always performing for local restaurants, bars and pubs, so joining one could really be fulfilling. They would teach you all of their music and who knows, you may have something funky to add to what they already have going on!

Concert Hopping

Attending concerts is not only good for the soul, but tons of fun! Whether you’re going to check out your favorite band or singer that you’ve admired since you were 12 or you’re at a local venue checking out a local band, there’s nothing quite like hearing and seeing a performance in person. Concert hopping can be even more fun if you have friends come along who are into the same type of music as you. Just remember to always stick together and stay safe. While some of the biggest entertainers’ shows can come off a bit pricey, you can still see local artists pretty often at a fraction of the cost and many times, even free. By taking advantage of sites like Groupon, you can get major discounts on some of your favorite concerts and also stay in the loop when free shows are taking place. This will ensure that this hobby doesn’t break the bank!

Music Lessons

There are so many different ways to go about music lessons than just the traditional piano or clarinet lessons that people often drag their children to. These days, you can partake in music lessons online or enroll in a place similar to School of Rock. You have the option of doing solo lessons or group lessons, so if you have any friends or family who are interested in lessons, it might be fun to do it together. Music lessons come in all different forms, from vocal and reading lessons to saxophone and songwriting. There is something for everyone to learn.

Blogging about Music

Today, with the internet readily available, it isn’t uncommon for music lovers to take to their favorite blogs to listen to and get informed on the newest and hottest music out. Why not be on the other side of that equation and become the go-to person that shares all of the information about your favorite artists, genre, or songs? Blogging has really become an extremely popular online hobby and is growing exponentially. You can start your own music blog and share your favorite music with the world and also your thoughts. You can really make it your own. Blogging also has the ability to earn you some extra money on the side, so this hobby could end up turning into a full-time income if that interests you.

Final Thoughts

Music is a fundamental part of life, especially for the music lover. When it comes to hobbies, mine would have to be playing card games. For me, I’d much rather partake in a game or two of rummy at Cardgames or blackjack at Pokerstarscasino or spend all of my time watching videos on better card strategies via Youtube. I’ve never been much of a music lover, however, if you throw on the macarena, I may be able to bust out a few moves! By any means, if you are music obsessed, then you should find at least one of the hobbies mentioned above of great value.