Clubs in Germany

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Clubs in Germany

Mind-blowing, fun, disorienting, freaky, brutal are among the adjectives that best describe Germany’s night scene. Berlin, Germany’s capital perhaps takes the gong for the leading clubbing city. Music has become a religion and clubbing culture. You may awe why Germany’s nightlife remains robust more than ever. But wonder no more, the secret is in its top-tier clubs. Berlin’s evolution into the leading techno capital is tied-up to the reunification and the collapse of the Berlin wall. Previous behavioral patterns came down with the Berlin wall. People capitalized on their newly acquired freedom resulting in the growth of the partying scene within a short period. Previously abandoned commercial and factory buildings were turned into nightclubs. Looking for a way to express themselves, Germans found a new identity in nightclubs. Since there numerous top clubs we’ve sampled the best hedonistic Disneyland for adults you’d want to try.

1. Sisyphos


Nothing compares to Sisyphos. It is Alice Wonderland; it’s a club, a bar, a beach and festival all in one. There are numerous ways to have fun. With an extensive chill out area, a small lake engulfed by sand, a myriad of dance floors, a pizza place, and an abandoned bus, you risk losing yourself for hours or days in this deserted dog food plant. Sisyphos hosts parties every fortnight. It’s all freedom, happiness, and joy on the inside but all sadness when it’s time to leave. This joint stands as the ideal escape for party-goers looking for a new party experience and those looking to explore an unexplored part of town.

2. Chalet

Housed in a one-and-a-half century-old mansion, Chalet oozes a robust 19th-century vibe that takes you back in time. Situated in Kreuzberg, Berlin’s most hip neighborhood, Chalet offers an incredible line-up of DJs on two floors and a delightful garden: a perfect place to relax, when it isn’t cold on the outside. The best thing about this club is that they open seven days a week. Style best describes Chalet. It’s not possible not to spot their breathtaking decorations: wallpapers with relic patterns, bonfires in the yards and vintage armchairs and lamps. The Chalet crowd comprises mainly of tourists thus go with a few friends, and you’ll most likely end having a great time.

3. Lehmann Club

Lehmann Club

Moving to Germany’s car manufacturing capital, Stuttgart, the Lehmann club was named after a peculiar character in a book by the celebrated German writer, Sven Regener. Also known for being the scion of the famed Club Prag, revelers still feel the vibes of the former place. Despite its peculiar associations – or possibly because of them – the Lehmann club stands out from the rest in Stuttgart. This club hosts acclaimed DJs like Ben Klock and Jeff Mills and popular events such as Abstract Nights. Also, they host artists every weekend with residents such as Simo Lorenz and Alan Fitzpatrick gracing their shows.

4. Harry Klein

Located in Munich, among the wealthiest cities in Germany, the club is famed for techno performances accompanied by impressive lighting and visual effects. The club hosts leading DJs and is widely regarded as the premier to enjoy techno and electronic music in Munich.