Coachella music festival

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Coachella music festival

Music festivals in United States of America is and always was a part of youth culture. Looking back, famous ones were Woodstock’69, Newport Folk Festival. They were symbols of pure escapism.  Now there are dozens of festivals happening every year, they are different from music styles to themes and activities.  Example can be South Florida’s Okeechobee, New Orleans’ Voodoo or New York’s Governor’s Ball. These are celebrations of music shared with thousands of strangers.  Coachella is the festival that not only needs to be heard but also seen.  The full name of the festival is Coachella Valley music and Arts Festival and it is the opposite of your usual music festival where DJ performs in front of the fans who already know every single song that is going to be played.

It brings value to attendees. You can be whatever you want in the dessert, which any kind of outfit that you might never wear anywhere else.  Music here is in the second plan. There are more than 150 performers who you can see in this festival. Line up is not your usual couple known names. Festival is breaking rules and walls; Beyoncé was the first woman of color in the headline in 1999.

Here are some interesting facts about the festival, to maybe spice-up your own experience:

  • It was first organized in 1999 and ended with a loss of 800k dollars. That was the year when artists like Morrissey and Beck performed.
  • In 2011 Rascal Flatt was on the stage and everyone heard the announcement that Osama Bin Laden, the most searched terrorist, was finally caught and killed. The crowd chanted USA!
  • Festival is held in small town which has just about40, 000 residents. When it starts, police are on every corner and ready to arrest anyone who not obeys the law and do harm to property of the town. In 2013 they have arrested 90 people.
  • When Radiohead was headlining the festival in 2004, it was the first time that festival sold out tickets in couple of hours. From then on, organizers use this secret to utilize the headline to attract people and it sells out every single year. Price for the whole weekend starts from $375. And now it is the most profitable festival in United States.
  • From 2012 they started offering free Wi-Fi, Cafes, stores, showers and more commodities.
  • Paul Tollett is the one who is behind all this successful festival. He is the brain behind the company of Goldenvoice.

Coachella values are far from the first escapism festivals. Here is hyper-capitalism, it focuses on exclusivity and materialism. In general, music festivals were and should be about community, music experience, but it looks like Coachella is kind of business which works on supply and demand principle. It is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the time spent in the beautiful and fun setting never hurt anyone.

To get into 2019 festival you need to sign up for a waiting list, that means – hurry up!