Coolest DJ Mixes of 2017

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Coolest DJ Mixes of 2017

 Dawit Eklund (Loose Joints, Vol. 1)

Dawit Eklund is a DJ from D.C. He has not released any new track in 2017, but he has done a hit collabo with Max D under the alias Dawit and Dolo. You can have a good time with 99 minutes mix and have a feel of his solo tracks ‘badonkadonk, belly fat, and expired litchi juice. The tracks are filled with good vibes; mix with soulful, sleep and bumpy sounds and Detroit inspired keys.

Avalon Emerson (Live at Printworks London)

Listening to club music outside the confines of a real dance floor makes does not sound the same as when you do. This is not true with Avalon’s mix. The 2 hours mix produced at London’s Printworks maintains its originality even when played on the dance floor. The DJ from Berlin is unique for maintaining a duality between her DJ mixing, and she recorded songs. The two drive her across slinky breakbeats, peak time floor fillers, full drum and bass and teasing the crowds from Bjork, Shamir, and the Orb. Her mix is known to be fast and tight and played over not a few bars. Her performance is always met with a good crowd who are eager to dance to her tunes and always shout for more. Her tracks are known to maintain the same electrifying feeling whether you are listening to it at home, on a treadmill in your gym sessions or while commuting to work.

Josey Rebelle (Stone through a Window Mix)

The mix was released six months ago, and the tracks are said to mix through era and styles while slipping seamlessly from disco to lo-fi techno than to Bristol bass and over. The sounds are known to release vibes that flip like a twist in a Mobium strip.

Courtesy (RA.579)

Her real names are Najaaraq Vestbirk, but her alias Copenhagen DJ Courtesy best knows her. She describes her podcast in Resident Advisor to be a middle ground or compromise between people with opposing taste in music. Her tracks lean into techno and bass hybrids combined with the 90’s rave and superfast techno. This is what makes her unique in her genre. Her mixes are bold, big tracks filled with lumbering bass and complicated syncopations and brutality which is balanced precariously. She breaks into an extended passage of quick drum and bass halfway through the mix.

Laurel Halo (Discwoman)

One thing you should know about Laurel Halo is that she is several steps ahead of her contemporaries. Dust follows her first mix In Situ released in 2015. Her sounds assumed a different shape from her usual style. Her mix of Discwoman cuts across tough styles like Portuguese batida, hardcore techno, grime and South African gqom.

Laurel Halo (Discwoman)

Minor Science: (Absent Friends 2)

You can get a copy of the mix alias former Pitchfork ‘which Angus Finlayson contributed to its production’ online. The Absent Friends 2 is a snipe into the new age music. All of these Dj’s are equally talented and cool! They all have there own spin on music, no pun intended