Coolest European Djs For 2018

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Coolest European Djs For 2018


Hardwell is a DJ and a music producer. He was named the number 1 DJ in the world by a favorite magazine in 2013.  He is one of the few DJs in the world with an excellent live set. He has a video stream which he uploads on YouTube to his millions of fans from around the world. Some of his hit tracks include; Never Say Goodbye, Dare You, Spaceman, Apollo, Jumper and You Again.

Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike

Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are DJs and brothers that reside in Belgium. The two are the best duos in the world and are known to top best DJ charts in various magazines. The duo released an album in 2015. The brothers are known to have a soft spot for Eminem and his style of music, and they have a dream to work with him one day. They are known for the following hit tracks, Madness, Mammoth, Wakanda, Tremor, and Ocarina.


Tiesto is one of the top DJs making waves in the music world at the moment. He is known by the fans as a beast and a monster all in one place. His YouTube channel with lots of subscribers and views attest to the fact that he well loved by his millions of fans. At 46, he knows what he is doing, and it still does it best. Most of his tracks are known for their downtempo. Some of his hit tracks you need to check are Maximal Crazy, Just Be, Adagio for String, and Red Lights.

Martin Garrix

His real names are Martijn Garritsen. He coined his nickname from his real names. At just 19 years, Garrix has a lot of potentials in him. He was shot to fame by his hit track ‘Animals.’ He has a huge fan base in Belgium and the UK. Another hit track similar to Animals is Wizard. Wizard also brought him international popularity.

Armin Van Buuren

Armin is a Dutch DJ. He has carved a niche for himself in ‘trance’ and has produced a lot of track in the genre. His constant presence on Radio has helped to boost the popularity of trance music. He is also known to host a radio show which he titled ‘a State of Trance.’  The radio show is heard in over 26 countries by crazy trance fans. You will be right if you say he has the highest number of insane trance followers in the world and this is all thanks to his radio show. Some of his tracks out there include; Not Giving Up on Love, Feels so Good, This is What it Felt Like and Burned with Desire.


Avicii is a 26 years old DJ from Sweden. He is also a music producer. Avicii is one of the top ranking DJs not just in Europe but in the world as a whole. He usually is placed amongst the top 3 DJs by various magazines. If you wish to have a feel of his, you need to listen to his tracks Sunshine and Levels.