DJ Legends Of Ibiza

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DJ Legends Of Ibiza

The Spanish island of Ibiza is something like Mecca to all party lovers. Wonderful weather, incredibly beautiful landscape, the gorgeous sunsets, ocean breeze in your face, millions of parties, top-notch clubs, professional bartenders, and the best DJs – these factors shaped the face of Ibiza one of the luxurious and funniest places in Europe. However, do you know that many worldwide famous DJs have been playing their tracks in Ibiza? Find out the legendary party-makers DJs and get the inspiration for your next holiday in the paradise of Ibiza!

Judge Jules

This guy is called the English ambassador of house and electro music for 15 years, and the tickets to his Friday parties are always sold out in a few hours. Judge Jules is a famous DJ who plays at the most outstanding parties in London, New York, Sydney, and Hong Kong but he is always claiming that Ibiza and parties of Summer Fridays in San Antonio are his thrown. 15 years ago, Judge Jules has started his career as a pioneer of electro dance music and was playing for a very low wage. As soon as he came to Ibiza, he was noticed by an owner of one club and invited to perform at a few parties, that was enough to start an outstanding career when the offers and money are flowing.


In 2011, the series of parties called Pacha Ibiza Sunday Night was started by the boss of Cadenza and great DJ Luciano. It took less than a season until those parties became one of the most desirable events. Today, Pacha Ibiza Sunday Night is known as a global concept of rave, as well as, the leading DJ Luciano became a god of Latin rhythms mixed with techno beats. Everyone wants to join the hot and energetic parties accompanied by the boosting and rhythmic tracks of Luciano. He became the legend of Ibiza and is considered as one of the most-paid DJs of this island now.

Ibiza Sunday Night

Ibiza Sunday Night

Carl Cox

If you think that time for parties is over at the age of 40, then you must think again, and Carl Cox is the best proof that there is no age limit to have fun. He came to Ibiza 30 years ago when he was just 23 and has started to organize parties here while playing his tracks. Now, he is 52 years old, and his parties called “Carl Cox: Revolution” held at Space Ibiza on every Tuesday are fully crowded. Carl Cox is calling himself a techno titan and says that life is a party, so it must be celebrated until the last day. Well, seems like he is doing it very right because the wages he is paid for a night are impressive.

Pete Tong

This guy is not just a legendary DJ but could be a synonym of Ibiza as well. He is an ambassador of techno music, the founder of the International Music Summit, and organizes the annual music conference in Ibiza every May. His series of parties such as “Pure Pacha”, “Wonderland” and “It’s All Gone Pete Tong” are known even by people who have never been in Ibiza. If you want to know more about the life and career of this DJ, you can watch a movie titled after one of his series of parties “It’s All Gone Pete Tong”.