Famous German DJ’s

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Famous German DJ’s

Germany is known for creating some of the best musicians of all times. The DJ’s are the new-age superstars in terms of music. We see many festivals that are made popular by many famous DJ names and many songs that are created by them using just a computer. The Scandinavian countries are believed to be the epicenter of the European DJ community but it is not quite like that. Germany has some amazing performers that blast Billboard tops. We have listed some of the most famous German DJ’s in order to help you choose your next favorite song.

Loco Dice is one of the most distinct names in the German DJ community. He has a minimalistic style and you can watch him at many music festivals like Hideout Festival, Love Family Park, Balaton sound and many more. He began his music career as a rapper but he soon moved to the DJ community. He is much respected and his songs can be heard world-wide.

Ellen Allien is a very talented DJ, fashion designer and the head of the BPitch Control label. She started her music career at the end of the 90’s, mixing together the German beats with the sounds of Ibiza. This made her style truly unique and helped her get noticed in a male-dominated industry. The electronic music community respects her as one of the pioneers of this type of music in Germany. Sven Vath has one of the longest DJ careers in Germany. He was one of the pioneers of the trance style and had his debut at Cocoon in Ibiza. He celebrated his 50th birthday not long ago but even at this age he continues to innovate and to bring new sounds in the German clubs.

Robin Schultz is the world-wide superstar that best represents the German DJ community. He is one of the most demanded artists at European festivals. His career rocketed in 2014 when he launched “Prayer in C” and “Wave”. These songs made him one of the most popular DJs on YouTube and this lead to the nowadays popularity. He has a distinct laid-back and relaxed style that makes him perfect for festivals and general audience.

Felix Jaehn is one of the youngest members of the German DJ community. The twenty-year-old became famous after his remixes of songs like “Cheerleader” from Omi. He has a very distinct style and the single that made him famous, “Ain’t Nobody” smashed all the records and placed him on the first place of US Billboard. This was the first time in 26 years when a German musician occupied this place. Paul Van Dyk is considered the first superstar DJ. He was born in Eastern Germany and his style unified music trends from both parts of the country. He is considered one of the pioneers of the trance style and he sold millions of albums. He managed to win a Grammy that placed him in the music history forever. He is truly one of the most representative German DJ’s.