Best Clubs for Dancing In Europe

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Best Clubs for Dancing In Europe

FluxusMinisterija in Lithuania

The FluxusMinisterija was an old shoe factory that was converted into a dance club. The club can accommodate about 10,000 people and have a lot of artworks installed in it and AV projections. There are also lots of sculptures and crazy installations on display, and you have to go through a massive stairway to get to a tower which is the poetry section of the club. Persons that fancy poetry can visit the tower to have a feel of and participate in the poetry sessions. To enter the club, you need to walk through an entire section of the building which is about the size of Fabric in London. You now enter a large hall with different people and different types of music playing. The club usually starts by 5 p.m and runs until early the next day.

Berghain Panorama Bar in Berlin

The Berghain Panorama is one of the best clubs in the world, and it is known to have a collection of one of the best DJs in the world too. People are not allowed to enter the club with their cellphones, and this helps to make the club unique with it excellent door entry policy. They have a great sound system and also play songs to cater for the mixed crowd. The Berghain is loved by many because it is treated with reverence. The Berlin has undergone a lot of changes over the past few years, but it still preserves it unique vibes which can only be found in a handful other clubs.

OHM in Berlin

The OHM was formerly known as Shift. The OHM was started in the battery room of a derelict power plant. It has currently grown from the battery room entertainment room to become one of Berlin’s top dance clubs with an off the grid space. The OHM is characterized by its minimal décor made from white tiles and a mighty sound system. The club has an experimental gallery part in the nightclub which makes good use of its small space. The admission and bar prices are also one to remember.

Auslage in Vienna

The Auslage is known to known to keep things simple. They have relatively decent bar price and good drinks, low door price, and a good sound system to accommodate the 300 people that consistently line up every night to have a good time.  The club is like any other kind club out there with its dark interior and loud sounds which is made for dancing. A second floor was just opened recently which makes it one room for techno music lovers and one room for in-house music.Auslage is known to book underground (upcoming) artists from different countries in Europe.

The Villa in Oslo

You are into tech house, and techno, the Villa in Oslo is a place you should be. The club is known to attract a smart and knowledgeable crowd. Nils Noa is in charge of programming and works with some great DJs.

The Villa in Oslo