House Music Icons: Popular Pioneers of Dance

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House Music Icons: Popular Pioneers of Dance


No doubt you have seen the huge circular head of a mouse with crossed-out eyes and a gaping open mouth. Hailing from Canada, the masked DJ known probably more for his striking image than his beats have been around since the late 90’s. With his hit ‘Ghosts n Stuff’ blowing up once Pendulum vocalist Rob Swire became attached, Deadmau5 has excelled to great heights thanks to the rise in popularity of EDM. With his influence leaning on video games, its no surprise that as his popularity rose he was featured in several, as well as providing songs for various soundtracks including: Grand Theft Auto IV, Test Drive Unlimited 2 and The Sims 3.


Once part of the duo Diplo and Switch, Thomas Pentz has become an omnipresent producer and DJ. With his house origins beginning with his solo album ‘Florida’ from 2004, Diplo has since moved heavily into the realm of hip-hop and is probably better known for his collaborative work than his personal endeavors. Creating Jack U with Skrillex and notably the Reggae superhero inspired Major Lazer (Originally with Switch who departed in 2011) alongside Jillionaire and Walshy Fire, he is now behind the scenes of some of the biggest records released every year.

Fatboy Slim

Originally a bassist in the 80’s rock band the Housemartins, Norman Cook is more widely known by his delightfully silly oxymoronic DJ pseudonym. The Brighton loving artist rose to fame in the 90’s after the success of his second solo album ‘Better Living Through Chemistry’. Since then the Top 40 was hit with frequent releases that were not only danceable but proved to have a widely popular appeal. Ever since the captivating music video for ‘Right Here, Right Now’ – which showed the evolution of man from single celled organism to modern day – Fatboy Slim has become a household name. Now collaborating with many other artists, one of his most recent albums was released under a new identity ‘The Brighton Port Authority’.

Steve Aoki

Its hard to mention House today without mentioning the celebrated, Grammy Award winning Floridian. In 1996 he founded his own music label Dim Mak, which is responsible for signing popular yet unconventional electronic acts such as Infected Mushroom, Bloc Party and MSTRKRFT. While aiding this impressive line up of acts he continued to produce and ended up remixing multitudes of popular tracks by Billboard artists such as The Killers, Kanye West and Lil Wayne. As he toured relentlessly across North America he became renowned for his energetic stage prowess. His lively shows would often be supplemented by food and drink, which was thrown at the crowd, as was his body in his many over the top crowd surfing stints. His debut solo album ‘Wonderland’ was released in 2012, featuring a guest on every track and recognised by the iconic cover art of his hair and face. 2016 saw the release of ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead’, a documentary that follows him in on his tour preceding his biggest show, is a must watch for die-hard fans.