How to Break into a Career as a DJ

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How to Break into a Career as a DJ

You may not think that becoming a DJ is difficult; after all, it looks so easy. However, it is more challenging than it appears, and it is difficult to make a career of it. Here we offer some advice on tips on how you can break into a career as a DJ.

First you need to have some idea of what a DJ does exactly and what types of DJs there are. A DJ is someone who plays pre-recorded music; however, there are different types of DJs. For example, there are Club DJs who need to keep music flowing to keep people at the bar, and the ones dancing, happy. This DJ needs to know how to increase the energy in the club, since happy energetic patrons are more likely to come back and spend money. A Mobile DJ on the other hand is a DJ who works various events such as weddings or parties. They may have a more flexible work schedule than a Club DJ but may find it harder to earn enough money.

Have Passion

You need to be sure that you are passionate about being a DJ and recognize that it will be difficult, and it will be hard to stand out since there are so many DJs already. The music industry is a competitive and hard to be successful in.

The Right Software

To be successful you need to have a good knowledge of software and hardware that can be used to DJ. You should keep up with changes in technology and be willing to learn new skills to improve your portfolio. Some software that can be used include: Serato DJ Pro, Tractor Pro and RekordBox. This last software package is free, so if you are starting out you may want to use this first.

DJ Controller Setup

At the simplest level you can use a laptop that has one of these software packages. In addition to the laptop, you will also need to have some type of audio interface that can be used to send the music to the sound system of the club or wherever you are playing the music at.

You need to learn some basic skills in order to become a DJ. For instance, you need to understand beat matching, which is playing two tracks at the same speed (tempo) and having the beats from the two tracks in sync (phase). Hardware and software can be used to achieve this. Eventually you may want a DJ Controller Setup which allows you to control and mix music.

Having a CDJ Setup is also a good idea since this allows you to play digital music from CDs or USB. Though these are modern techniques, many people still believe you should know how to use traditional turntables for playing vinyl records. You also need headphones and a mixer if you go this route.

Learning how to use the different types of hardware and software will be very helpful in marketing yourself as a DJ. Playing at small events and networking with people can help you to more easily break into DJing as a career.