How to Dress at a Music Festival

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How to Dress at a Music Festival

If you are planning to attend a music festival it is important to dress appropriately. This means that you should choose comfortable clothes that reflect your own style. This can mean dressing as you normally would but having your look reflect more of a rock-and-roll or bohemian look.

Bohemian look

Some fashion experts suggest wearing clothes or shoes that have fringes. Leather or suede shoes or boots can also make for a trendy, cool look. Some experts suggest adding accessories such as a necklace or studded boots and leather bags. This adds more texture to your overall look.

Comfortable Clothes

You should ensure that you wear comfortable clothes that enable you to move easily. It is also better to layer, meaning to dress in layers if it is cold. That way you can take off and put on your clothing as the temperature changes. There is a good chance that you may get hot and sweat a great deal, especially if you are outside and it is a hot day. If it is cold, try to avoid heavy coats and jackets because if you get hot, you will have to remove and carry them, and nobody wants to lug heavy clothes around. Rather bring lightweight jackets or sweaters that you can also tie around your waist. Even if it is a hot day, you should always bring a jacket or sweater of some sort.

You should also bring a raincoat or rain slicker. Make sure that it has a hood so that your head will also be covered. Taking an umbrella is not a good idea as this is more trouble to carry than a raincoat which can fold up to a small size and be placed in your bag. Avoid tight clothing that will become uncomfortable after a while. It is better to wear a loose-fitting t-shirt that covers your shoulders and protects you from the sun.

Proper Footwear

In terms of shoes it is not a good idea to wear flip flops (sandals), since you need to protect your feet. There is no telling what is on the ground and you do not need to have your feet exposed to stuff that has been dropped or to other people’s bacteria. You also may have to use a portable toilet, the floor of which will not be clean. You should wear socks with your shoes for the same reason, keeping yourself protected.

If it rains your feet will also be covered in mud by the end of the festival. Use common sense and protect your feet with covered shoes that are comfortable. Do not choose poor-fitting shoes simply because they look cool, remember that you will be on your feet a lot. If you are planning to attend a festival where there tends to be a lot of mud then it is wise to choose rubber boots if you can. There are few things more uncomfortable than walking around with wet feet. Sandals should be avoided since you will be standing for long periods of time and these shoes offer very little support.

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With these tips you can enjoy your music festival in comfort and style.