How to Stay Safe at a Concert

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How to Stay Safe at a Concert

If you are planning to attend a concert, there are some things you should bear in mind in order to stay safe.

First, be sure to dress appropriately. This means wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in, and rather dress in layers so that you can adjust your clothing accordingly. Realize that you will probably get hot and sweat quite a lot so be prepared to wear clothes that can be easily removed. Avoid thick heavy items of clothing that you would then have to hold onto and carry once you remove them.

Stay Fed and Hydrated

Have distance

Ensure that you have eaten enough and drunk enough liquid (non- alcoholic) before the concert so that you do not pass out from low blood sugar or from being dehydrated. If you are dancing, you will be burning sugar and sweating, thus you will be losing water as well. However, you should eat at least an hour before the concert, since you may become sick if you eat right before the concert.

Be sure to keep your money hidden from view. Do not carry large sums of money on you and be aware of your surroundings and the people who are around you. You may be more at risk while traveling to or from the concert, but even at the concert, you should be cautious. Also, avoid wearing expensive and flashy jewelry.

Be Aware

Ensure that you have not drunk at the Concert

Be aware of where the security guards are positioned. This way, if you do get into trouble or notice something untoward, you will know where to find them. Avoid and move away from anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Trust your instincts and rather stay away from such people. Also stay away or move away from people who may be acting drunk or under the influence of drugs. Inform security if you witness people acting very odd or out of control.

Do not accept any substances from a stranger. This includes drinks, since these may be drugged. Avoid accepting drugs from strangers and inform security if you are offered drugs. Being under the influence of alcohol and drugs makes you vulnerable, so avoid putting yourself in such a situation.

Attend the concert with friends, do not go by yourself. There should be at least two of you, so that you can watch out for each other. Do not accept rides from strangers. After the concert you may find someone offers to drive you home or to another party. Do not accept the ride, even if you have friends with you. If you have to take the bus or subway it is always best to sit near the front as close to the operator as possible. Do not leave the concert by yourself, wait for your friend or friends and travel together. It is not a good idea to walk long distances after a concert, especially at night. If you have to take a taxi, then that is still safer than walking.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you have a safe and enjoyable concert experience.