Top Music Festivals in Southern Europe

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Top Music Festivals in Southern Europe

There are many music festivals held in the countries in Southern Europe. Earth Garden, held on the island of Malta, is one such festival. This large festival attracts about 20,000 people and has almost 35 live music acts. They have places where people can camp, which is also very convenient. They provide food and fun areas and offer various ethnic foods. This event is held during the summer time in Europe and has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years.

The Most Popular

NOS Primavera Sound festival

Portugal has the NOS Primavera Sound festival which showcases both local and international music artists. This festival is held in the city of Porto and attracts over 80,000 visitors from over 50 countries. If rock festivals are your thing, then Rock in Roma would be a good event to attend. This annual event held in Rome, Italy, is a major rock festival that lasts 30 days and attracts over a million people. Rock in Roma is held from June to July and includes many well-known international music artists.

The Soundwave festival

The Soundwave festival is held in Croatia on the scenic coastline. This popular festival takes place over a long weekend and is so popular that tickets are often sold out before all the music artists are booked. Music artists include well-known acts along with local and undiscovered talent. This festival involves beach parties. The scenic beauty of the region is probably also why the festival is so popular.

The Most Interesting

Another festival that occurs on a coastline is the Southern Soul Festival of Montenegro which takes place on Copacabana Beach on the Mediterranean coast. The music is often a mix of electronic music and soul music.

A festival held by Lake Garda in Italy is the Mandrea Music Festival. This festival is held in beautiful surroundings. This summer music festival began in 2012 and has been held every year since. Many types of music are played at the festival each year, including hip-hop, electronica and reggae. The festival also organizes sporting events such as rock climbing, mountain biking and skate boarding.

Athens, Greece is a popular place for music festivals because the climate is mild. Rockwave began in 1996 as a pop-rock festival. It has since grown to feature many music artists from all over the world, and includes such music genres as heavy metal, alternative rock, pop music and rock music.

Plisskën Festival

Another festival that is held in Athens is the Plisskën Festival that encourages music artists from a variety of music genres to attend and perform. The Plisskën Festival is regarded by many to be one of the best indoor European music festivals to attend.

Athens also has a jazz festival each year. This is the Athens Technopolis Jazz festival, which has been an important cultural event since 2000. It is held at the start of summer on the grounds of the Technolopolis. Southern Europe has a range of music festivals that a person can attend. What is also nice is that many of the festivals showcase music of several music genres.