Where to See DJs in Germany

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Where to See DJs in Germany

Since the 90’s, the Berlin club scene has attained near-mythical stature and very much influenced the city’s and country’s standing as a center for cool. Some of the world’s leading DJ’s Paul Kalkbrenner, Ellen Allien, Ricardo Villalobos and Paul van Dyk launched their careers in Germany. Every weekend, hedonists from all over the world invade Berlin to connect with locals in the quest for great times. Coupled with the lack of official closing hours for bars and clubs, parties don’t peak until daybreak and extend through mid-morning and at times beyond. Part of the reason some clubs experience larger attendance when compared to others is down to the quality of music they play. Thus, having a top DJ on the decks becomes an integral part of the clubbing culture in Germany. We shall explore the clubs where you get to see DJ’s work their magic.

1. Berghain & Panorama Bar

A world-renowned and Berlin’s most famous club, the Berghain takes the crown as the home of Techno and boasts of the leading sound system. This deserted power plant houses two distinct clubs; the Berghain and Panorama Bar, split by a staircase. If you appreciate techno music, you’ll feel right at home upon stepping inside the Berghain. With an impeccable lineup and top DJ’s playing the best tunes every weekend starting Friday through Monday morning. The Panorama Bar has a cheerful vibe and plays variants of house music. Panorama is the ideal place to drink and chill out and then head back to Berghain. A mainstay of the city culture and a meeting point for partygoers, Berghain’s rules are harsh. Try going their alone; at first, you might be nervy, but once you start feeling the energy of the club you” let yourself loose and flow with the great music.

2. Watergate

A hotspot for revelers who want to have a good time with premier DJ personalities, Watergate hosts names like Adam Freeland, Chicken Lips and Eric Morillo who play drum and bass, breakbeat and house. Here, you’ll get eye-catching panorama from the Spree via its floor-ceiling glass casement. It isn’t a huge place but has a fancy hype to it. If you are a flirt, this may be the place for you as guys pay attention to the ladies than the DJ. The sound system, lighting and large LED panel on the Watergate main floor are surreal. The music is animated, and the patrons are friendly. The Watergate crew found their label, Watergate Records, with celebrated DJs such as Mobilee, Get Physical and MANDY. If music matters to you, you belong here.

3. Stattbad

Mapped out by Ludwig Hoffman back in 1907, Stattbad was formerly a state swimming pool previously known as Stadttbad Wedding. As a result of destruction resulting from the Second World War, the building was reconstructed towards the late 50’s and early 60’s. The premise went back to serving as a public pool and was later transformed into a place dedicated to music, culture, and art in 2001. In addition to the great parties, you’ll see numerous art displays and performances. Stattnatch the biggest night, features names such as Boiler Room DJs and Acid Pauli play here often. During summer, Stattbad opens their vast terrace with a picturesque sight from Panke, the waterway that crosses Wedding. Embrace the chance to tour this working-class area and enjoy a side of town you haven’t seen yet.